Central Iowa Air Service (CIAS) in Ames, Iowa, is pleased to announce that Central Iowa Air Service Flight School has become an FAA Part 141 Certified Flight School.

One of only 6 FAA Part 141 Flight Schools in Iowa, CIAS Flight School can now partner with local Universities and Community Colleges to develop Piloting majors and minors. These partnerships will allow students to use financial aid, grants, and utilize the resources of the schools to achieve their career goals.

Realizing your dream of flying may be closer than you think. Call Glenn Dodd, CIAS Chief Flight Instructor, at 515-706-4850. Or Email Us for more information.


FAA Part 141 School – FAQ

What is the difference between a Part 61 and Part 141 flight school?

Training Differences

Part 141 is geared towards those seeking a career in aviation. While both Part 61 and Part 141 schools have the same information, Part 141 schools follow a curriculum approved by the FAA allowing for reduced training time and required hours.

Part 141 schools also provide a published curriculum to follow. Students will always know what they will be covering with their instructor each lesson and what to study for upcoming lessons. This allows for a more efficient training process.

There is also more oversight at Part 141 schools. When a student is coming up on a milestone in their training, they will fly with a lead instructor to evaluate their progress. CIAS’ goal with their Part 141 program is to train professional pilots in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible.


Cost and Funding

For the private pilot certificate costs are about the same between Part 61 and Part 141. Students will see the greatest cost savings in Part 141 when going for their commercial rating. Part 141 only requires 190 hours of total training time while Part 61 requires 250 hours.

Flight training can be self-funded or done through private loans or scholarships. Part 141 programs are also often partnered with local colleges or universities allowing students to fund training with student loans or through the G.I. bill.


I started my training at a Part 61 school, can I transfer to a Part 141 program?

Yes, transferring is possible. However, the FAA only allows 25% of a student’s Part 61 training to count towards the completion of the Part 141 program.


Do students have to train under the 141 program if they come to CIAS?

No. Prior to a student beginning training at CIAS, they will sit down with a CIAS Instructor to determine the best fit for them.

Make & Model N# Cruise # of Seats Hourly Rate*
PA28-151 7659F 125 mph 4 $165
PA28-151 44526 125 mph 4 $165




125 mph

157 mph






Hourly Instructor Rate: $60


  • Airplanes are Rented Wet
  • Reimbursed for Fuel Purchased with Receipt
  • Charged by Hobbs Time – Minimum 2 Hours per Day on Rentals Exceeding One Day
  • All Aircraft are Equipped with Tanis Heaters
  • Aircraft Checkout Required Prior to Aircraft Rental